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Kathie Burke

Born and raised on Long Island, NY I started playing guitar and singing in a band in my 20’s.  We actually hit the Country music scene that was sweeping the country but always mixed in some eclectic stuff not played on the radio as well as original tunes. We were fortunate enough to get to play all around the Tri-State area and got to meet some awesome people along the way.  After moving to Texas, I did some pick up work and then played guitar and sang off and on for about 10 years at the now defunct Garland Opry. I also played with a couple of aspiring stars over the years and did some short traveling with them.  I’ve had the opportunity to do some vocals in the studio with some of them, which was a blast! I currently play and sing on the worship team at Church, as well as with the team at North Texas Music, primarily with Acoustic Harmony.

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